Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So you wanna be a CLUB PROMOTER? ...Peep Game

People often ask me about being a "promoter"

Let me give some game on where the industry is going...

I pioneered email marketing (for urban nightclubs) here in Houston...the premise was simple:

- Get people to sign up for your email list
- Market events to those folks (thereby reducing your advertising overhead)
- Lower overhead = greater profits

5 years later...cats have caught on...everyone emails now...but you know me...I got to keep it real player...Even though lots of folk have computers...EVERYONE has a phone.

So here comes the CHIZZLE with DC2C (Direct Connect to Club)

You know what's really player about a phone number..

- You can CALL IT
- You can TEXT IT
- You can (even) SEND VIDEO TO IT

,,,and did I mentioned...your phone is NEVER MORE THAN 3 feet away from you....vs your computer....Read more about how DC2C will change the promotions game NATIONWIDE


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yes...now view all the recent Party Pics (from INDMIX, ALLTHE PARTIES and More) all in ONE PLACE...only on Urbanthang.com. We know you want to always be in the loop....Give us 5 minutes and we will bring you IN THE LOOP Houston...


1) Log on to www.urbanthang.com
2) Click the "PICTURES"

That's all.....you get pics from EVERYWHERE that pops in H-Town.

Enjoy and pass the word

Monday, June 2, 2008

Urbanthang Version 3.0 coming in JULY

As I mentioned recently in my OPEN LETTER to the city...I am retiring from promoting nightclubs and my own parties (i.e. Max's...On The Bayou). I still love the game but will be going back to my "roots"....playa a*s technology. Coming in JULY we will be launching a totally revamped Urbanthang.com website.

[CLICK HERE] for the details

Monday, May 5, 2008

MADNESS 5/3: **GREY GOOSE** Edition

Another fantastic Saturday Night.....Grown folks......Endless 97 Cent Drink Specials! Special shouts out to ALLTHEPARTIES and REMIXXHOUSTON.COM

[CLICK HERE] to see what folks are saying about the pics!

Remember....B-Day parties are always FREE FREE FREE at MADNESS (every Saturday)

Reserve your table today or the entire VIP!!!!!!!!! Call me at 281-330-1562 or email me at chad@urbanthang.com

Monday, April 28, 2008


Longtime Urbanthang.com supporter and all around cool chick NIH-NIH (from the WATERCOOLER) decided to skip HUSH and have her B-Day Bash at MADNESS....Can you sayyyyyyyyyyy....OFF THE HOOK........THEY LOVE THEM....97 Cent DRINK Specials!!!
[ CLICK HERE ] to see the pics..:)

Remember....B-Day parties are always FREE FREE FREE at MADNESS (every Saturday)

Reserve your table today or the entire VIP!!!!!!!!! Call me at 281-330-1562 or email me at chad@urbanthang.com

Sunday, April 6, 2008


The revolution will be televised! You remember...MAX'S 2001...Westheimer and Gessner. $1 U CALL IT........2000 people in the building...

WE BRING IT BACK...This time right on RICHMOND...ON THE BAYOU...

Every Single Saturday....BIG CHAD is Back....GOOD GRIEF is Back....OAKCLIFF is BACK...


info - http://www.urbanthang.com/blast/mm2008.htm

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DJ Supastar & GROOVE the Funky Drumma added to MADNESS @ ON THE BAYOU!

The word is out on Saturday Nights! Our mission is to make MADNESS at ON THE BAYOU the hottest Saturday night in Houston. Starting in March, we will be adding our "LOUNGE SET" from 9pm-11pm. The features a LADIES PREMIUM OPEN BAR (with PATRON, Ciroc Vodka and Martinis). We also are pleased to announce the addition of DJ Supastar & Groove the Funky Drumma to our rotation. Come enjoy a unique experience blending the mellow sounds of Houston's #1 Female DJ combined with Live Drums for a local phenom. Every Saturday....its gonna be Pure Madness